• Do doula's attend hospital births? Yes! I'm there for you, where ever you birth. Epidurals don't always work, or last, or are allowed, it's important to have a back up plan and support for the unexpected.

  • Do I have to purchase birth AND postpartum services? No, but to get the continuity of care you deserve, and get the best value, it's recommended.

  • When should I schedule an interview with a doula? I recommend between month 3 and month 6. The reason is that I work with you to prepare your body for birth, and that takes time. Finding a doula that's a good fit may require interviewing several doulas before you find the right one for you. That doesn't mean that you can't hire a doula last minute, you can!

Frequently asked Doula questions

  • How long is the rental for? One month

  • When should I reserve the pool? Although last minute rentals sometimes work out, there are clients that miss out because they were slow to make a reservation. 3 months in advance is good.

  • Is the pool heated? Yes.

  • Will the pool fit two? Yes, unless you're above average height, two can comfortably fit.

  • Is the pool easy to set up? Yes.

  • Do I need any special equipment for it? No. Everything you need is included.

  • Will it fit in my car? Yes. I have put it into many compact cars.

  • Is it too heavy to be used upstairs? No.

  • Can it be used outdoors? It's not recommended due to electrical safety reasons.

Frequently asked birth pool questions:

  • I can't eat certain foods, do you have any alternatives for food allergies or sensitivities? I can accommodate food sensitivities or allergies, just let me know what they are, and I can supply substitutions.

  • I don't like (fill in the food), I prefer food from my culture, can you cook anything other than American food? I love to cook ethnic foods, and I enjoy a cooking challenge. Have food sensitivities? I can accommodate. Vegetarian? I can do that. You want to buy the food, and I prepare it? Sure!

  • How did you choose the menu for your clients? I have designed my menu around warming foods, that are densely nutritious to help new moms heal quickly, and help her get a great start on producing milk.

Frequently asked postpartum menu questions: