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Damselfly Doula

Want to know what brought me to this calling? Read below!

It was the middle of the night, I was 7yrs old, and my mom's best friends were gently waking me up. I was confused, disoriented, wondering why they were in my room. Had I fallen asleep while they were visiting, and maybe I just forgot? Wait, what was it Rose was saying to me? Rose repeated and said, "Your mom is have the baby, and she wants you to be there for the birth." I thought to myself, "Yuck! I don't want to see that!" I protested telling them I was tired, and didn't want to go. My mom's other bestie said she'd brought her homemade pfeffernusse cookies that I love, and there was food to eat if I got up and just spent a couple of minutes in the room with my mom. I got up for the cookies, but became instantly mesmerized, and stayed for the rest of my mom's labor and the birth of my baby sister. That night I found that birth was something I always wanted to be a part of, if that privilege ever came my way again. As it happens, it came my way many times because my mother became a midwife, and because I was a quiet kid, I was invited to attend approximately 500 births. I went on to birth all 4 of my own babies at home, and have kept involved in the home birth community ever since. When my 3rd baby was born, I was really challenged by the transition from 2-3 children, and lived 3,000 miles away from my family. I really resonate with moms that need extra support, and with the challenges that come with being a mom to multiple children, breastfeeding challenges, and I feel called to offer Mamas, a listening ear, a helping hand, and sage advice. I love finding solutions to challenging scenarios by using research and strategy for baby, birth, and Mama. Continuing education is how I plan to keep giving you MORE.